Emerging from a carbo-enduced coma

Well, I am back from a 10-day vacation with the family to our house in Florida. It was wonderful there; I got to spend time with my Dad and Alba, had loads of fun at Disney and other attractions in the area and worked my butt off keeping the house in tip-top shape. As I usually do, I let the good eating go by the wayside while on holiday (this is how I keep going on this lifestyle - allowing myself the freedom to eat whatever I feel like every now and again). However, I am now feeling the effects of all of my over-carb consumption and it is time to get on the wagon again.

After Chris dug me out this morning (quite literally), I hit the store. Here is what I came home with.

Fruits & Veggies
Mini-Pearl Tomatoes
Crushed No-Sugar-Added Applesauce
Pre-chopped Mirepoix
1 bag Champs Elysees Salad Mix
1 bag Romaine Salad
Organic cut butternut squash
Baby Bella mushrooms
Haricot Vert
Yellow onions
Fuji apples
Anjou pears

Low sodium sliced turkey
Celebrity Healthy ham
Conventional 80/20 ground beef
Conventional ground turkey
Organic chicken tenders

Gouda cheese
Tillamook kosher/vegetarian cheddar cheese
Cream cheese
2% Milk
Whole milk organic plain yogurt

Kashi TLC crackers
Multi grain 6gr fiber per slice bread
Sprouted flourless whole wheat bread

Treats (sadly not for me)
French baguette
Sweet potato chips
Oatmeal cookies
Dark chocoalte/peanut bar (OK, maybe some of this is for me!)

I will let you know as the week progesses what comes of this shopping trip. I've already made lunch with it (ham and cheese paninis on baguette for the boys - mine on sprouted bread - with strawberries and milk to drink). I am thinking butternut squash soup (I am still trying to figure out the GI on this - anyone?), chicken parmigiana (with my homemade marinara), maybe a meatloaf or something else with the ground meat. Stay tuned.


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